Expanding and Equipping Ministry of Health Facilities Impacted by the Syrian Crisis in Jordan




To assist the Jordan MoH in improving the health status of Jordanian host communities and Syrian refugees by meeting humanitarian health needs, promoting resilience, and strengthening the national health system and services.


Specific Objective: To increase equitable access, uptake and quality of secondary and tertiary healthcare for Jordanian and Syrian WGBM (Women Girls Boys and Men) in impacted areas.


·       Result 1:

Emergency departments in the three public facilities (Jamil Tutunji Hospital in the Sahab district of Amman, Ramtha Hospital in Irbid, and Ruweished Hospital in Mafraq) are expanded and equipped.


·       Result 2:

MoH is better equipped to provide effective and efficient emergency healthcare services to people requiring emergency treatment and referral services.


The direct beneficiaries of this project are the Syrian refugees and host communities who will benefit from an improved access to emergency health services as follows:


·       Jamil Tutunji Hospital: around 500,000 people will have access to health services, of which

·       70,000 are Syrian refugees.

·       Ramtha Hospital: around 240,000 individuals will have access to health services, of which

·       approximately 70,000 people are Syrian refugees.

·       Ruweished Hospital: around 20,000 people will have access to health services, of which

·       around 8,000 are Syrian refugees.