SIGMA (Support for Improvement in Governance and Management)


SIGMA provides assistance in six areas:

1. Strategic framework of public administration reform

2. Policy development and co-ordination

3. Public service and human resource management

4. Accountability

5. Service delivery

6. Public financial management, public procurement, and external audit.


SIGMA reviews and gives feedback on:

·       Governance systems and institutions

·       Legal frameworks

·       Reform strategies and action plans

·       Progress in reform implementation.



SIGMA provides:

·       Advice on the design and prioritisation of reforms

·       Methodologies and tools to support implementation

·       Recommendations for improving laws and administrative arrangements

·       Opportunities to share good practice from a wide range of countries, including regional events

·       Policy papers and multi-country comparative studies.



·       Prime Ministry (Institutional Performance Development)

·       Ministry of Public Sector Development (now abolished)

·       Ministry of ICT / Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship

·       Civil Service Bureau

·       Institute of Public Administration (IPA)

·       Audit Bureau

·       Ministry of Finance

·       Joint Integrity and Anticorruption Commission (JIACC)

·       LOB


Beneficiaries of single events and isolated actions:

·       Social Security Corporation (e-services)

·       GAM (risk management)

·       Ministry of Transportation (shared services/fleet management)


SIGMA Assessment on Service Delivery:

·       MoPSD+MoPIC+MoICT


SIGMA support to EUD:

·       Following EUD request, SIGMA reviewed the Education Strategy and provided advice on its connection with EU budget support.

·       Session on SIGMA PAR Strategy toolkit (postponed and still pending)