EU Support to the implementation of the National Solid Waste Management Strategy -Informal Sector Integration and Awareness Raising


Context specific measures covering the entire service chain from collection to transfer and disposal will be developed and implemented to integrate the informal sector into Jordan’s SWM system. Furthermore, the Action will support communities in designing and implementing practical solutions to improve the waste situation in municipalities by reducing littering and waste generation, and/or improving waste separation at source. So, The Action has two outcomes:

·       Outcome 1: Improved socio-economic well-being and health status of waste workers working both in landfills and transfer stations that are targeted by the action and of informal recyclers in selected municipalities.

·       Outcome 2: Improved awareness, understanding and knowledge about key municipal solid waste management issues amongst concerned segments of the society.


The focus will be placed on selected locations within the northern and middle regions of Jordan. Specifically, focus will be put on works in transfer stations (TS) and disposal infrastructure sites that are targeted by the EU programme, to be implemented by the Agence Française de Développement (AFD), as well as in selected municipalities at the catchment areas of these sites. The targeted outcomes are planned to be achieved through the following outputs:

·   Output 1: A compliance mechanism for working conditions in infrastructure sites, and support measures for informal sector integration are implemented by Joint Service Councils and municipalities, respectively.

·   Output 2: Pilot awareness initiatives on solid waste issues are implemented by communities in selected municipalities, and elements for a national awareness campaign are designed. 


Informal workers (waste pickers).

Actors (youth)

Community members