EDU-SYRIA Programme


The overall objective of EDU-SYRIA projects is to provide higher education scholarships (Bachelor’s, Master’s and Vocational Training) for Syrian refugees and underprivileged Jordanians; beneficiaries form local aid organizations: National Aid Fund, Tkiyet Um Ali, Al-Zakat Fund, Al-Aman Fund.




EDU-SYRIA 1 is the first project of the EDU-SYRIA projects series. It started in December 2015 with a total fund of € 4 Million from the Neighbourhood Instrument (ENI) through the European Union Delegation in Jordan, as a response action to help Syrian refugees and the host communities in Jordan overcome the Syrian crisis consequence through granting the youth of Syrian refugees who their studies were intercepted and underprivileged Jordanian’s access to higher education through a set of scholarships.

The project collaborated with the following local public and private education institutes where the students were enrolled in their programms: the German Jordanian University, Yarmouk University, Zarqa University, and Luminus Technical University College.

EDU-SYRI 1 also worked together with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and local aid organizations (National Aid Fund, Tkiyet Um Ali, and Al-Zakat Fund, Al-Aman Fund) in order to check the applicant's eligibility for the scholarships.

The original goal for EDU-SYRIA 1 was to graduate 390 students from various degree programms, yet due to the high demand of the students and to cover the low dropouts rate; the project has enrolled more than 410 students, and it eventually graduated 397 students, by the project closing date on June 2021.

The high demand also lead to establishing the next Scholarship project, EDU-SYRIA II.



·       Graduated 280 Syrians

·       Graduated 117 Jordanians

·       %52.8 of the graduates are females

·       %47.2 of the graduates are males

·       Capacity building of students to prepare them for the job market

·       Increased awareness  in the international community of the needs of  refugees and underprivileged youth in host communities for support to access higher education


280 Syrian students and 117 Jordanian students