EU Support to Integrated Border Management in Jordan


The project comprises 3 components:

Component 1: to support the development of an integrated approach to border management (IBM).


·       A national border strategy in line with integrated border management standards/models in place and ready for implementation.

·       Border crossing points are identified and equipped with necessary operational equipment, IT tools, software, and improved procedures.

·       Jordanian border management agencies capacity to apply a rights-based approach to promote, respect, and protect the human rights of citizens and migrants at borders is strengthened.


Component 2: To enhance capacities to fight transnational crime (implemented by UNODC).

Component 3: To strengthen trade facilitation practices and measures.

Outcomes: Jordan’s legal border crossings and cross border trade are developed through:

·       IBM workflows, completion and implementation of inter-agency blueprints are developed.

·       Supply chain security and Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) systems are developed, as means of speeding clearance times but ensuring the necessary level of border security.

·       IT solutions are developed to improve electronic communication between HQ and BCP.


The main stakeholders are the agencies operating at the borders, such as the Borders and Residence Department - BRD (Public Security Directorate, PSD), Jordanian Customs (JC), and the General Intelligence Directorate (GID). Each of these agencies has specific competences and the situation at each border is different, ranging from a purely civilian to a military approach, depending on the level of the security threats. This makes the use of modular and integrated border management tools even more relevant and appropriate.


·       Specialized equipment for Jordanian Border Agencies delivered, installed and staff training.

·       Integrated Border Management Concept endorsed by Jordanian counterparts leading to the development of a Jordan IBM Strategy.

·       New Trade facilitation practices and measures introduced and adopted and under implementation by Jordan Customs.

·       Procurement of IT solutions to support and improve Jordan Customs within risk management and the state of art in Authorized Economic Operators.